Manufacturing finally got a software update.

Partsimony organizes the chaos of supply chain management into an intuitive software experience.

Discover the perfect manufacturing partners and manage every part of the process — all in one place.

  • “Partsimony solves difficult and complex problems in a cost-effective, high-quality, and repeatable manner.”

    Henry Kao

    Director of Product Management

    Henry Kao
  • "Partsimony gives my startup superpowers, finding me suppliers I didn't know existed that solve my problems faster than I thought possible."

    AJ Keller


    AJ Keller
  • "Partsimony is critical for our business; the platform allows us to spend more time focusing on design improvements than on searching and communicating back and forth with prospective manufacturers."

    Sam Miller

    Founder & CEO

    Sam Miller
  • "Thanks to Partsimony we quickly found the perfect fit for our manufacturing needs, saving a lot of time and money."

    Andre Ivankovic

    Mechanical Engineer

    Andre Ivankovic

1. Upload

Start by batch uploading your files (hundreds at a time), so you can stay focused on other tasks while they process.

2. Evaluate

Once processed, our intelligent algorithm automatically generates proposals for most designs. Some designs receive recommendations on manufacturing methods, material selection, price estimates, and lead time.

3. Route

We then identify optimal manufacturers for each component — both within and outside of your network — and even batch components to achieve volume discounts and negotiation leverage. RFP links can be easily shared with manufacturers, even if they don’t use Partsimony.

4. Strategize

Leverage real-time insights to discover the supply chain network that best meets your goals. Initiate purchase orders for thousands of components across various manufacturers with a single click. Gain deep visibility across your supply chain footprint.

5. Manage

Receive automatic notifications of potential production risks to mitigate disruptions. Keep your entire supply chain updated throughout the process to avoid bottlenecks. Break down silos and provide organizational visibility into status changes of production schedules.

6. Collaborate
Central Source of Truth

All manufacturing communications are finally in one place, and are firmly linked to your supply chain activities.

No More Missed Email Notifications

Real-time communication with manufacturers keeps you in the loop on vital updates.

Collaborate Without Concern

Keep external communications separate to maintain privacy where needed.

Partsimony for Manufacturers

We know that designs are nothing without the people that bring them to life, and that each manufacturer has its own unique setup, approach, and process.

Our supply chain management platform was designed with customization at the forefront. It’s still 100% your process — we just provide you with tools to polish it.